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Easy Time

William Elliott  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


A song for everyone who has ever longed to just be somewhere else.

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Easy Time
Lyrics William Elliott
Music William Elliott

Lookin’ for the EASY TIME, like to just get out from under for a while,
Maybe take a trip, but not the kind that’s all been planned,
That’s exactly what I’d like to get away from.

I’d just like to go somewhere and sit in someone else’s chair
And see if I could still hear the snowfall.
If I could I guess I’d feel a bit relieved and thankful
That I wasn’t at the end of the road, well that’s all.

Lookin’ for the EASY TIME, I’d just like to open the door and walk through,
Maybe take a song, but all the rest I’d leave behind,
Just for once I’d like to travel free and easy.

If the music touches me I’ll try to hear the harmony
And if my story has one more line,
Maybe I can make it rhyme,
Lookin’ for the EASY TIME.

Copyright 1974 William Elliott

Copyright 1974 William Elliott