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Faith, Hope and Charity

John F. Wilson  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


The words are based on the well-known message of Paul to the Corinthians about the meaning of love, translated from the German by John Wilson. The setting is an adaptation of music by Schubert.

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Faith, Hope and Charity
Music by John F. Wilson
Lyrics by Christoph Kuffner, based on I Corinthians 13,
Translated by John F. Wilson

Faith, and hope and charity.
If in these we do not waver,
then our lives are blessed forever,
and God’s goodness shines upon us.
Let us know within our hearts
that the blessings God imparts
are a gift of heaven above
and a token of His love.
Though the mortal world may grieve us,
yet this faith will not deceive us.

Let the hope within each breast
set the weary world at rest.
Hope is like a guiding light;
hope makes all the pathway bright.
Though the night be dark around us,
day will dawn when hope surrounds us.

Let us love, for love is life,
and redeems the world from strife.
Without love we see through glass;
without love we are sounding brass.
Though I give my body to be burned,
without love it profits nothing.

Yes, our lives are blessed forever
if in these we do not waver,
and God’s goodness shines upon us.
Faith, and hope and charity.