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Father In Heaven

Franz Schubert  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


Music by Franz Schubert. Lyrics by Katherine K. Davis.

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Father in Heaven
Music by Franz Schubert
Lyrics by Katherine K. Davis

Father in Heaven, Almighty God,
Within Thy love abiding,
Thy children dwell secure from harm,
For Thou dost ever hold them safe within Thine arm.
Thy mercies ever flowing,
Thy children’s need supply;
Nor want nor fear can they be knowing,
With God our Father ever nigh.

Father in heaven.
Father in heaven, Almighty God,
Thy love is all enfolding,
Thy pow’r is known from shore to shore.
From everlasting Thou art God, for evermore.
Beneath the mighty depths of ocean,
Thy sons are safe within Thy care;
They ride upon the wings of morning,
And God the Father still is there.
Father in heaven.

Copyright 1948 Carl Fischer Inc.

Copyright 1948 Carl Fischer Inc.