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Feed My Lambs

Frederick Koch  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


From the collection “Five Sacred Solos for Worship Service”

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Feed My Lambs
Lyrics by Denise R. Koch
(with Biblical Quotations from John 21)
Music by Frederick Koch

All the weary night they labored,
But in vain,
That faithful little band of fisherman,
They caught nothing.

But anon, when the morning sun arose above the sea
The Master stood upon the shore and called
“Children, have ye any meat?”
“No,” the answer came.

Then unto them he said,
“Cast the net on the right side of the ship,
and ye shall find.”
Sweet promise soon fulfilled!

They cast and lo their nets were filled.
They came to land and there they saw a fire,
And fish laid thereon and bread.

Joyfully the Master bade them,
“Come and dine!”
And none of them durst ask him,
“Who are thou?”
Knowing that it was the Lord.

‘Tis this morning meal,
We now commemorate.
We share again this bread that comes from heaven,
Our bread, the truth of being.

Take it now, this blessed truth that maketh free.
Then faithful, heed the Master’s firm command:
“If ye love me, feed my sheep.
If ye love me, feed my lambs.”