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Follow the Path of the Light

Steve Mackenroth  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


This piece brings a sense of the drama one feels when experiencing a life changing event – finding the way.

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Follow the Path of the Light

Music and Lyrics by Steve Mackenroth

Searching for the path of the light,
A path I can follow, there before me.
Guiding every step that I take
Today and tomorrow, shining o’er me.
Moments of fear tempting me here
To believe that my quest is in vain.
But my soul keeps whisp’ring, “Always look to the light.”

Walking down the path of the light,
There looms a shadow, hanging o’er me.
Dark’ning ev’rything in my sight.
Where should I turn to? Night is o’er me.
Closing my eyes, praying, I’ll rise
From the anguish and stress that I feel.
But my soul is crying, “Always look to the light.”

There is a voice off’ring a choice
Which path to follow.
One leads to day, the other to night, how do I choose?
I look around me, all chaos and strife.
I look to heaven. I behold my life.

Staying on the path of the light,
Midst seeming sorrow. God is with me.
His truth is ever lighting my way,
The way straight and narrow. Love will guide me.
No more will fear follow me here,
As I see through the dark of this dream.
And my soul is singing, “I am free!”
And my heart is knowing.
And my God is saying, “You have found the light!”
I have found the light.

Copyright © Steve Mackenroth 2009

Copyright © Steve Mackenroth 2009