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God’s Love

Carolyn Kardinal  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


Folk style, fairly easy with limited range. Wonderful words allude to the Children of Israel’s journey, but with broader application. Delightful chorus in 6/8 which contrasts to the 4/4 verses. Audience pleaser.

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Lyrics by Carolyn Kardinal
Music by Carolyn Kardinal

Those who wander in the wilderness of sorrow,
Who are lost in the desert of despair,
Shall be guided and guarded by angels from above
Bringing comfort and hope, for God is Love. God is Love.
Then the light of inspiration shines upon them
To lead them out of darkness, guilt, and fear.
Its rays overspread them like the wings of the dove
To bless and reassure them, God is Love. God is Love.

Chorus: God’s Love is deeper than the deepest ocean;
Wider than the eye can see;
Higher than the stars in heaven.
How gracious God’s love that surrounds you and me.

Soon they reach the promised land of milk and honey,
Conscious of God’s kingdom within,
And they walk in the light of understanding from above
When they hear and believe God is Love. God is Love.
They are led from sense’s slavery to freedom
For they walk as the reflection of Soul.
God’s light overspreads them like the wings of the dove
To bless and reassure them: God is Love. God is Love.

Blest are those who hunger after righteousness;
They are filled with the manna of the Word.
God’s love supplies every need from above
When they listen and obey, for God is Love; God is Love.

Copyright 2012

Copyright 2012