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Carolyn Kardinal  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


This is a lovely, yet simple solo which allows vocal melismas giving it a slightly Irish feel. As often happens with Kardinal’s music, there is a complementary counter melody in the accompaniment which makes it a beautiful pentatonic piece. Original lyrics remind us to count our blessings before they appear. This solo is perfect for Thanksgiving services. Copyright 2009.

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Music by C. Kardinal
Lyrics by C. Kardinal and Psalms

O give thanks unto the Lord for He is good and His mercy endureth forever.
In the light of understanding, on the straight and narrow path,
You’ll receive all God’s blessings, for He gives you all He hath.
Every trial has a blessing, a proof of the Father’s care.
If you look very carefully, you’ll find blessings everywhere.
(chorus)Gratitude brings the sunshine that lights the stormy sky;

Its rainbow a reminder that God is always nigh.

Gratitude brings the gentle rain to those who are athirst,

And blessings bud and blossom when we learn to put God first.
If you know all things are possible, you’ll see blessings great and small,

So count them before they’re seen, and be grateful for them all.

Turn to God with thanksgiving for all you have been given,

And blessings pour abundantly, for this is the way of heaven.

Copyright 2009 C. Kardinal

Copyright 2009 C. Kardinal