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Great Heart Of Love

Carolyn Kardinal  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


Another lovely traditional style solo in which the vocals (an old Scottish/Welsh hymn) are dueted with an accompaniment of Nearer My God to Thee and Yes, Jesus Loves Me. A ballad in first person tells of the “Prodigal” experience and lends itself easily to guitar accompaniment. Lyrics by Carolyn Kardinal. Copyright 2008.

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Music and Lyrics by C. Kardinal

I wandered through the valley in the shadow of despair.
My thought was lost in anguish, weighed down with mortal cares.
Then came the angel voice that whispered in my ear.
“The Great Heart of Love is here and everywhere.”
My burden seemed to lighten as hope restored my smile.
I no longer counted footsteps, but sang away the miles.
The hills echoed the song, and music filled the air,
For the Great Heart of Love was with me even there.
Now I walk atop the mountain. I soar where eagles dare.
My thought has been lifted from the valley of despair.
My simple faith renewed, I enter heaven’s door
For the Great Heart of Love is with me evermore.
Nearer my God to Thee, nearer Thee.

Copyright 2008 C. Kardinal

Copyright 2008 C. Kardinal