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Holy Land

Charles Taylor  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


Music by Charles H. Taylor. Lyrics by Elizabeth Rhodes Jackson. ©1934.

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Holy Land
Music by Charles H. Taylor
Lyrics by Elizabeth Rhodes Jackson

On Christmas eve in Bethlehem,
The angel host above,
Brought tidings to a burdened world
Of God’s all present love,
And daily still and hourly,
In list’ning hearts and true,
The angel messengers are heard,
And love revealed anew.

Beside the sea of Galilee,
Above the stormy wave,
The living presence of the Christ Was strong to heal and save;
And in this day and in this hour,
Wherever there is need,
The same dear Christ is here and hear
To save and heal and lead.

Among the hills of Bethany,
Where women mourned their dead,
Their friend denied the lie of death,
And gave them life instead.
And still to many a grieving heart
The living Truth is known,
That lights the darkened sepulcher,
And gives us back our own.

The Holy Land of long ago Saw Christ,
Or Truth revealed;
And those who sorrowed came to seek,
And those who sought were healed.
And still we only have to reach
To touch Christ’s healing hand;
To every seeking heart God speaks:
Here is our Holy Land.

Copyright 1934 Carl Fischer Inc.

Copyright 1934 Carl Fischer Inc.