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I Know No Life Divided

John F. Wilson  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


This is a setting for solo voice of words found in the Christian Science Hymnal: Hymn 135. The tune is pentatonic in style, giving a slightly haunting quality, and the music moves from one key to another and mysteriously into the minor; but there is no mystery about the words, which affirm “all good from Thee alone”.

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I Know No Life Divided
Music by John F. Wilson
Words by Carl J. P. Spitta, translated by Richard Massie

I know no life divided,
O Lord of life, from Thee;
In Thee is life provided
For all mankind and me.

I know no death, O Father,
Because I live in Thee;
Thy life it is that frees us
From death eternally.

I fear no tribulation,
Since, whatsoe’er it be,
It makes no separation
Between my Lord and me.

Since Thou, my God and Father,
Dost claim me as Thine own,
I richly shall inherit
All good, from Thee alone.