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I Love Thee Lord

Kate Lawson Gould  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


This song is a setting of words adapted from Psalm 19 in which David extols God as his strength, his fortress and his salvation.

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I Love Thee Lord

Psalm 19 originally adapted by Peter Cornelius, then by Kate Lawson Gould
Composer Kate Lawson Gould

I love thee Lord, my strength and my salvation
Thou art my rock, my fortress strong and my deliverer
My God and my high tower
I will trust Thee
I will trust Thee

In my distress I called and cried unto my God
Deliver me; deliver me from my strong enemy
For it is Thou Lord that maketh my way perfect

And God the Lord will lighten my candle
Enlighten me when there is darkness
God’s way is perfect
Strength to all that trust in Him

And Thou dost hold me up with Thy right hand
Thy gentleness will make me great
My heart doth love Thee
Be Thou exalted, God of my salvation
God of my salvation

Copyright 2010 Kate Lawson Gould

Copyright 2010 Kate Lawson Gould

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