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I Sing Of God

G. O'Connor-Morris  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


Lyrics by Edgar Newgass. Music by O’Connor-Morris.

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I Sing of God
Lyrics by Edgar Newgass
Music by G. O’Connor-Morris

I sing of god
Into questing hearts I sing
The everpresent grace of being
Healing word of truth
Clear radiance of life

Sacred harmony of soul
Tender provision of love
I sing of god

I sing of god
Of god and his creation
Affirming the beauty of divine reality

The spiritual universe
Inviolate, complete
Peopled with the sons and daughters of god

I sing of god
Declaring to his children
Their true identity and holy estate
Freedom and abundance
Harmony and heaven

Everlasting unity
With god the all-in-all
I sing of god

Copyright 1951 Edgar Newgass

Copyright 1951 Edgar Newgass