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I Walk With Love

Peter B. Allen  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


Lilting Irish ballade feel, in minor, with spirit of movement and adventure. Reminiscent of “Londonderry Air.” Short keyboard interludes weave between verses. Poignant, gentle treatment of text.

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I Walk with Love

Lyrics: Minny M. H. Ayers
Composer: Peter B. Allen

I walk with Love along the way,
And O, it is a holy day; No more I suffer cruel fear,
I feel God’s presence with me here;
The joy that none can take away
Is mine; I walk with Love today.

Who walks with Love along the way,
Shall talk with Love and Love obey;
God’s healing truth is free to all,
Our Father answers every call;
‘Tis He dispels the clouds of gray
That all may walk with Love today.

Come, walk with Love along the way,
Let child like trust be yours today;
Uplift your thought, with courage go,
Give of your heart’s rich overflow,
And peace shall crown your joyfilled day.
Come, walk with Love along the way.