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Insight at Bethesda

Jim Barnes  •  Digital Sheet Music


Contemporary, some interesting harmonies. Moderate difficulty. This is set to a poem by Jim’s daughter, Kathryn M. Barnes. Using the Bible story, the Healing at the Pool of Bethesda, as a starting point, she presents a contemplative view of a person’s thoughts before AND after a healing. It has a very agitated opening, then a flowing ending reflecting the ‘before’ and ‘after.’ Words: Kathryn M. Barnes. Music: Jim E. Barnes and Susan I. Lindquist. © 2001 Jim E. Barnes.

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Insight at Bethesda
Music: Jim E. Barnes and Susan I. Lindquist
Words: Kathryn M. Barnes

Have you ever felt like the man by the pool of Bethesda?
Powerless, twiddling away the day, anticipating the out of reach?
I have.
My completeness, My joy, health felt bound to something,
Somewhere “out there.”
I was waiting for the mysterious “moving of the water” to make me whole.
But nothing happened.
Then the Christ quietly invited,
“Wilt thou be made whole? Wilt thou be made whole?”
And I was up!
Bathing in the healing realization of my now wholeness.
And ever since, I’ve been so occupied waiting on God,
Serving, not stalling any longer that I have nothing to wait for.
Nothing to wait for.

Words: © 2001 Kathryn M. Barnes
Music: © 2001 Jim E. Barnes