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It Could be Bethlehem

Adrienne Tindall  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


Christmas, a season of God’s promise, and of our response to the coming of the Savior. A simple strophic vocal structure. “Silent night”, “Angels we have heard on high”, and other carol melodies are woven into the accompaniment.

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It Could be Bethlehem

Poem by Max Dunaway, alt.
Music by Adrienne Tindall

It could be Bethlehem, upon a hill,
With quiet shepherds watching over sheep,
For in this city now we listen still,
And in our ways a Christmas vigil keep.

And there could be tonight, as there was then,
A multitude of angels singing praise
To God, and promising sweet peace to men,
If we would seek the Christ in all our ways.

It could have been that star that shines above
Which shone upon the manger babe that night!
And it could lead as surely to his love,
If we let rays of Truth make out lives bright.

And there could be in us a holy birth
Of Christliness here in this present place
To bring again upon this troubled earth
The glad nativity of truth and grace.

Poem “Christmas 1970” © 1970 The Christian Science Publishing Society. All
rights reserved.
Music © 1986 Adrienne Tindall. All rights reserved.