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Jairus’ Daughter

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Based on the Bible story of the raising of Jairus’ daughter, this song inspires hope and gives comfort.

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Jairus’ Daughter
Lyrics by: Susan B. Mack
Music by: Susan B. Mack

It was many years ago,
When a name named Christ Jesus walked the earth.
And he healed like he breathed,
And he lived with such power
That the people they followed like the light draws the flow’r,
And he wrapped them up in the arms of God’s love,
And he showed them they were whole.

Now a man named Jairuscameto him, for his was very ill.
And he thought she would die,
And he tried not to cry,
But some people came to say that she’d died just that day.
And he wrapped him up in this arms of God’s love, and he told him,
“she is whole.”

Then Jesus came to the house where the young maiden was laid.
And some people the cried for they knew she had died.
But the Master he said, “do not cry, she’s not dead.”
And he wrapped them up in the arms of God’s love, and he told them,
“she is whole.”

When Jesus came to her room,
He took her by the hand,
And he said,
“Maid arise, you’re not dead, you’re alive,”
Then she sat up in bed,
The call went out,
“She’s not dead.”
And he wrapped her up in the arms of God’s love, and he showed her she was whole.

The Christ is with us today,
And it shows God is Life.
It is here,
it is now,
And it’s telling us how We can prove God is all and from Life never fall.
And it wraps us up in the arms of God’s love,
And it shows us we are whole.