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Keep In Touch With Yourself

William Elliott  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


A song which gives good advice delivered with a friendly, appealing tune.

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Keep In Touch With Yourself
Lyrics: William Elliott
Music: William Elliott

Keep in touch with yourself, drop you a line,
Don’t be a stranger,
See as much of yourself as time will allow,
There is no danger.

Weren’t you the best of friends?
Wasn’t it worth a smile?
Don’t let the time go by,
Look yourself up once in a while.

Then be kind to yourself, you’ve had your cares,
You’ve had your sorrows,
Keep reminding yourself there’s still time to share,
There will be tomorrows.

Have a good laugh and sing an old song,
Your friendship will never end if
You keep in touch with yourself my friend.

Copyright 1972 William Elliott

Copyright 1972 William Elliott