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Let Us Choose

Elizabeth Ragsdale  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


The kingdom of God that Jesus revealed wasn’t supernatural, but spiritually normal. This uplifting song encourages us to model our lives after his, living joyfully and abundantly.

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Let Us Choose
Words and Music by Elizabeth Ragsdale
Arranged by Michael Butkus-Bomier

Verse 1
I knew a man who chose to live apart,
Looking for gain in a life austere.
He sought to serve by healing the heart.
But without the sick and sinful near,
He lost his vital spark.

Verse 2
I knew a man whose life was never dull.
He chose not to serve from afar.
This man Jesus was ready to feast with all,
Filled with truth and love to impart,
Ready to answer the call.

Let us choose to follow the Master’s steps.
All that he possessed is ours to express.
Let us retreat from narrow belief
And reach for a life complete.

Verse 3
In a sacred place of plenty I choose to reside,
This kingdom of God where I am rich.
Sharing His bounty is my delight.
In gratifying fellowship
Good is multiplied.


© 2018 Elizabeth Ragsdale