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Let’s Share the Light

Greg Granoff  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


The emphasis is on easy lyricism in this setting of Steve Okwor’s inspirational poem.

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Let’s Share The Light
Lyrics by Steve Okwor
Music by Greg Granoff

Our God is like the sun
Which empowers each ray shining through
God is Mind which sustains everyone
Here and everywhere
Whole and true

Just as to shine or not to shine
Is not a choice for the rays to make
So I must be certain in this heart of mine
That the blessed ways of God are mine to take

For in the end we all must find
That like the rays reflect the sun
So are we witnesses to this intelligent Mind
And as we share our joys, our struggles and journey on

How wonderful and how beautiful
It is for each of us to know we’re not in it alone
That because God is Truth, He holds us to be truthful
And that because God is love, He compels us to be loving

So let’s share and shine out the Christ like the rays
Shine out the sun and so fulfill our days
With all that is good and true