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Mine Eyes Look Toward The Mountains

Andrew D. Brewis  •  Digital Sheet Music


A quiet, contemplative, lyrical setting of well known Bible verses. Suitable for solo. Guitar tabs.

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Mine Eyes Look Towards The Mountains

Words Psalm 121 From Swedish Version
Music Andrew D. Brewis

Mine eyes look toward the mountains,
Help cometh from on high;
From God who never slumbers,
Whose care is ever nigh.
My foot shall not be moved,
My keeper is the Lord,
He never shall forsake me;
I trust me to His Word.

God keepeth me from falling,
Fulfilleth all my need;
His love doth e’er uphold me
In faithful word and deed.
He keepeth me from evil,
My onward way doth trace,
My going and my coming
He crowneth with His grace.