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Mother’s New Year Gift

John F. Wilson  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


This is a setting of two short poems by Mrs. Eddy written for children called “A Verse” (see Miscellaneous Writings p. 400). They are often said at bedtime for and by children of Christian Science parents and have inspired generations of young people in the years since they were written. Martin Broones, a Christian Science teacher who had been a professional musician, wrote a setting of “Mother’s New Year Gift to the Little Children” and his tune is used with appreciation and respect together with my own tune for “To the Big Children”.

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Mother’s New Year Gift
Music by John F. Wilson
Words by Mary Baker Eddy

Father-Mother God, loving me,
Guard me when I sleep;
Guide my little feet up to Thee.

Father-Mother good, lovingly Thee I seek,
Patient, meek, In the way Thou hast,
Be it slow or fast, Up to Thee.