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Mountain Streams

Andrew D. Brewis  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


A gentle melodic, contemporary and slightly folky new setting of the Christian Science hymn: ‘Let me sing my way to Thee, thy pure and happy child.’ Sounds perfect accompanied by piano or guitar, and guitar chords are included.

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As Sings The Mountain Streams

Lyrics Violet Ker Seymer

Music Andrew D. Brewis

As sings the mountain streams
Past rock and verdure wild
So let me sing my wat to thee
Thy pure and happy child

O boundless source of might
My praise must e’er increase
For Love is Life eternally
Whose blessings never cease

I sing my way today
My heart is joyous free
For what is thine is ever mine
I find myself in thee

Lyrics copyright Christian Science Board of Directors
Music copyright Andrew D. Brewis

copyright Andrew D. Brewis