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My Living Prayer

Steve Mackenroth  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


Praying daily for His guidance, a loving God leads us out of the darkness of doubt to find safety and security.

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My Living Prayer

Music & Lyrics by Steve Mackenroth

The Lord is my strength. The Lord is my song.
He’s my salvation.
In Him I will rejoice, find healing in His voice.
His hand is exalted.
Lead me aright, pure in Thy sight.
Guiding each step out of the darkness.
I will trust in the Lord. He’s my shield, He’s my sword,
My Soul and my God.

And o’er a somber earth, where evil claims its worth:
Lives filled with sorrow,
Jealousy and hate, misery and fate
Lurk deep in the shadows.
Let there be light, glorious and bright,
Showing the way out of the sadness.
I am good. I am pure, ever safe and secure.
My prayer, this is my prayer.

Life, life is a gift, a gift of the Father.
Truth’s revealing the way, the way to be free.
Love, Love’s the answer we seek.
Let it be all that we feel, be all that we see.

He has given us the Son, shown the way for everyone
To follow His calling.
The Comforter is here. The Christ is ever near.
Rise to His commands.
Let your light shine, shine before all.
See the good works, works of the Father.
“Heal the sick!” Christ has said.
“Cast out sin. Raise the dead.”
My prayer, my living prayer….

Perfect God, perfect man.
Thy will be done throughout the land.
My prayer, this is my prayer.

Copyright © Steve Mackenroth 2011

Copyright © Steve Mackenroth 2011

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