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No Room

Kate Lawson Gould  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


Just as the people of Bethlehem struggled to find room for the infant Jesus to be born, do our busy lives crowd out the Christ? Or can we be receptive to this healing Truth?

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No Room
Kate Lawson Gould

We know the story of that night, and yet it’s hard to grasp.

How could they not invite them in? How could they let them pass?

It’s cold in Bethlehem in winter, snow can reach the ground,

And yet, for this expectant mother, no room could be found.

There was no room at the inn, no room for a child’s life to begin.

I guess it wasn’t easy, all those Romans at their back.

Their town was filled with census crowds, all they could see was lack.

Exhausted minds and bodies could not handle any more.

Not guessing what a gift they missed, they swiftly shut the door.

There was no room to perceive, no room for the Christ to be received.

If Christ had knocked upon our door disguised as weary folk,

Would we accept him in our homes, or scorn would he provoke?

Can we, with frantic lives, so busy and so full of care?

Find room to let the Christ come in, with our fervent prayer?

For there is room everywhere, there’s room, and the Truth will meet us there.

Copyright 2013 Kate Lawson Gould / Performers Hub

Copyright 2013 Kate Lawson Gould / Performers Hub

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