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Not What I Am

Andrew D. Brewis  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


A new lyrical, English, uplifting setting of familiar words. ‘Not What I Am, O Lord But What You Are.’

Guitar tabs included. Written for piano/ organ.

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Not What I Am

Lyrics Horatius Bonar ( adapted Fenella Bennetts )
Music Andrew D. Brewis

Not what I am, o Lord, but what you are
That, tat alone can be my soul’s release.
Your love, not mine, bids fear and doubt depart,
and stills my tumult with your heavenly Peace.

Clothed with the love of God on every side,
I breath that love as heaven’s own healing air;
I work and pray, and follow still my guide,
And fear no foe, escaping every snare.

It’s what I know of You, my Lord and God,
That fills my soul with peace , my lips with song;
You are my health, my joy, my staff, my rod:
I lean on You , in weakness I am strong.