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O Lord We Pray For Daily Grace

George Frideric Handel  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


Music by G.F. Handel. Lyrics by Effie N. Smith.

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O Lord We Pray For Daily Grace
Word Effie N. Smith
Music by G.F. Handel

Infinite God, the Soul that governs man,
reflected is by all His children,
who know no other light than His,
the light of truth and life and love.
O lord, we pray for daily grace,
That we may live for Thee:
that we may see our fellow man
Thine image fair to be.
Yea, all men, yea all men whole and free,
O Lord, for this we pray to Thee.
O may we hear Thy voice alone,
And feel Thy tender love.
O may we taste no other joys
Than those all joys above,
The joys of peace and love.
May we, may we Thy faithful servants prove,
Abiding in Thy love.

© 1935