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Over and Above

Elizabeth Ragsdale  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


A theme of abundance is woven throughout this narrative of Jesus feeding the five thousand. Powerful imagery and memorable melody. Easy to sing and play.

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Over and Above
Lyrics and music by Elizabeth Ragsdale

If what you have in hand seems small,
Hand it to the All-in-all.
He’ll prepare a feast
Over and above what you can eat.
Over and above.

Verse 1
The hour was late in a barren land.
All day the Master had tended
Pleading hearts and outstretched hands.
Five thousand men had come
Over and above wives, daughters, and sons.

Verse 2
On hand to feed the hungry crowd
Was a lad impelled to share
His lowly lunch despite their doubt.
But the truth the Master knew
Was over and above that narrow view.

Verse 3
Into and out of the Master’s hands
The meager multiplied
To meet what mind and body demand.
He watched the morsels grow.
Over and above two fishes and five loaves.

Verse 4
This bounty was blessed in the hands of each guest,
Christ pouring forth his love.
When all were full, twelve baskets were left.
A lesson in faith and pow’r
Over and above the needs of the hour.