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Psalm of Thanks

John William Gordon  •  Digital Sheet Music


The words are a paraphrase drawn from Psalm 18. The music is intended to convey a contemplative mood like a prayer. Beautiful and inspiring.

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Title: Psalm of Thanks
Lyricist: John William Gordon (paraphrase of Psalm 18)
Composer: John William Gordon

My God, my Savior, heard my voice.
On wings of wind He flew
And me from snares of death He plucked,
From waters deep He drew.
He is my rock, my tower tall,
He is my stay: I cannot fall.

God pays in kind a recompense,
Uprightness to the pure.
The merciful, with mercy blest,
Find refuge safe and sure.
He lights my candle, makes it glow,
Illumes the darkness of my woe.

Thy strong right hand has held me up,
No violence I meet.
Thy perfect way enlarged my steps,
My pathway is complete.
Love’s panoply shields me from hate,
Thy gentleness has made me great.

Words copyright, 2009, by John William Gordon

copyright, 2009, by John William Gordon