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John F. Wilson  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


This is a setting of a poem by Rosa M. Turner, who wrote the well-loved poem “O dreamer, leave thy dreams” which has two settings in the Christian Science Hymnal. One is the famous “Londonderry Air” and this solo adopts but inverts that tune to set words in the same metre. I found them in an account of Rosa Turner’s life by Peter Hodgson, a former music teacher at Principia College. (Rosa Turner was a member of my own church in Sutton Coldfield, England.)

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Music by John F. Wilson
Words by Rosa M. Turner

O lean on God, whose care is all-sustaining;
O rest in Him whose arms enfold thee round.
Abide in peace, all heavenly comfort gaining
From Love divine, wherein all joy is found.

O lean on Love, if hatred rise around thee,
When all thy way seems desolate and dim;
No foe can harm, no enemy confound thee.
No arrow wounds the heart that leans on Him.

Leaning on Him, whose wisdom cannot fail thee,
Thy heart shall find, as birds their quiet nest,
Sweet place of safety where no fears assail thee;
Love’s secret place of peace where all may rest.