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Resurrection Garden

Clement Barker  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


Music by Clement W. Barker. Lyrics from a poem by William Aubert Luce. ©1963.

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Resurrection Garden
Poem by William Aubert Luce
Music by Clement W. Barker

Through the darkness
Mary came Past the garden wall;
In the silence Mary heard
Someone softly call.

In her sorrow Mary turned
From anguished night,
And saw her risen Lord
Standing in the light.

Through the shadows I have come,
Bowed with worldly care;
Underneath the olive trees
I have knelt in prayer.

In the hush of early dawn
I have seen His face,
I have walked and talked with Him
In the garden place.

Come with me this holy* day
Past the garden wall.
In the fragrance of the morn,
You too, will hear Him call.

You will see the living Christ
Risen from the tomb.
You will find eternal Life
Where the lilies bloom;

You will find eternal Life
Where the lilies bloom.

*Alternative Lyric

© 1963