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Rise Up, Stand Tall, and Walk

Jim Barnes  •  Digital Sheet Music


Contemporary music with a good melody. Not difficult to sing; a bit more work for the accompanist. Some innovative harmonies. Jim Barnes wrote a wonderful poem on this Bible story, 2 verses with repeat. Music: Jim E. Barnes and Susan I. Lindquist. © 2001 Jim E. Barnes. Words: Poem rendition of Acts 3: 1-12.

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Rise Up, Stand Tall, and Walk
Music: Jim E. Barnes and Susan I. Lindquist.
Words: Jim E. Barnes, adapted from the Bible (Acts 3: 1-12)

1. Our hand is always in God’s hand, as we think, as we move, as we talk.
Faith in Christ Jesus healed others, So rise up! Stand tall! And walk!
He was carried each day by his friends, For the man from his birth had been
And was laid near the gate of the temple To ask alms of the worshippers who
As Peter and John reached the temple, The man near the gate raised his
But Peter instead said, “Look on us. There is something you must
For Peter had something more precious than the silver and gold that was
He could help this man know his perfection, He could heal him as Jesus had
He looked in the eyes of this poor man, who believed that he never would
And he saw him in all his perfection, And he said as he reached for his

2. Silver and gold I can’t give you, My gift will not fit in your hand.
In the name of Christ Jesus of Nazareth Rise up now, Rise up and stand!
And he lifted him up and at once, His feet and his ankles were strong;
And he leapt, and he stood and walked with them, As if nothing had ever
been wrong.
He leapt up and stood and walked with them, And the people who knew him
could see
That Peter and John healed the lame man, For he walked just like you and
like me.
But Peter said we have no power To make this man to rise and stand tall.
It was faith in Christ Jesus that healed him, And that faith can bring
healing to all.
We reflect God in all His perfection, as we think, as we move, as we talk,
We can always feel our hand in his hand,
So, rise up! Stand tall, and walk!

© 2001 Jim E. Barnes