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John William Gordon  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


A study in contrasts between the throes of mortality and the bright prospects of immortality. Alternates between F minor and F major.

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Title: Salvation
Lyricist: John William Gordon
Composer: John William Gordon

Man’s heritage never is teeth set on edge.
Love’s pleasant-placed lines are a permanent pledge
Enforced by His might.
God oftentimes worketh to bring back and save,
To rescue man’s soul from the pit and the grave,
Enlightened with light.
The splendor of living abolishes night.

Accept not depression, oppression, despair.
Keep outlook beyond them, horizons are fair,
Great prospect is there.
Partake of the promise, choose Life over death.
Your destiny progress, with each sighing breath
Imbibe the new birth.
O smile of the Father, rejoice in your worth!

No claims of rejection, no lacks, wants, or woes
Impede man’s fulfilment or barriers impose,
His cup overflows.
Great promise to peacemakers, mourners, the meek,
Great progress and blessing to pilgrims who seek
The Shepherd’s embrace.
Great prospect for goodness, completeness, and grace.

No warfare belongs to Love’s dear, cherished child.
He cannot be hateful or spiteful or wild,
But tender and mild.
Great promise to nations, to lion and lamb,
Reflecting together the one great I AM,
All striving must cease.
Great promise, great progress, great prospect for peace.

Words copyright, 2007, by John William Gordon

copyright, 2007, by John William Gordon