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Simon Peter

Susan Lindquist  •  Digital Sheet Music


An uplifting meditation on Jesus’s exhortation to Simon Peter to “Follow Me.” A melodic contemporary solo of moderate difficulty. The accompaniment incorporates well-known hymn tunes. Words: Elizabeth Earl Jones.

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Simon Peter
Lyrics by: Elizabeth Earl Jones
Music by: Susan I. Lindquist

Over the sea of human fear,
Where winds and waves surge angrily,
The Master’s voice rang soft and clear,
As o’er the sea he came to me.
I heard and felt his,
“Peace, be still,” and gone was ev’ry shadow grace;
look, and lo, a joyous thrill!

He walked triumphant o’er the wave,
He walked triumphant o’er the wave.

And ever thru the passing years,
That same sweet voice calls back to me:
“Oh leave thy longings and thy tears,
Simon Peter, follow me!
Lovest thou me? Lovest thou me?
Then feed my sheep, Feed my sheep.”
Feed my sheep!

Now, thru Christ’s ministrations sweet,
Love heals the sick, the hungry feeds;
We leave our burdens at his feet,
Rejoicing, fol’wing where he leads,
Rejoicing, rejoicing, rejoicing fol’wing where he leads,
Rejoicing, fol’wing where he leads, fol’wing where he leads.