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Standing in the Need of Prayer

Elizabeth Ragsdale  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


Lively solo with toe-tapping rhythms and sweet gospel harmonies. Fresh lyrics expand on a traditional spiritual to deliver a message of love conquering pride.

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Standing in the Need of Prayer
Lyrics and music from Traditional Spiritual and by Elizabeth Ragsdale

Verse 1
What is this that pride would say?
Why does my brother not come to the light?
Why does my sister not find her way?
It’s not me who needs to lift
My thought to receive the Father’s gift.

Verse 2
Where is this that Love would guide?
A sacred space to look within,
A place to set my own thought aright.
With a change of heart I dare
To trust each one to the Shepherd’s care.

Not my brother nor my sister,
But it’s me, O Lord,
Standing in the need of prayer.

In humility I come
To learn what Mother God
Has already done,
She’s already done.

Verse 3
What is the wondrous work of Truth?
It’s a universal tender touch
That bears a bounty of fragrant fruit.
In ev’ry soul a seed
Opens up to meet the need.


© 2017 Elizabeth Ragsdale