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Kate Lawson Gould  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


A new view of the Nativity Story and how the quiet receptiveness of Mary, Joseph and those who witnessed the birth of Jesus can be found by us too.

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Kate Lawson Gould

A busy town in Galilee, with bustle everywhere.
Their days all filled with endless tasks, their minds, all crammed with care.
Who could have known a simple girl would meet an angel there?

But in the stillness
In the stillness of her open mind,
The angel news was shared.

An honest man is struggling, his peace of mind disturbed.
How could he know her innocence? How could he trust her word?
Yet somehow, deep within his heart, a silent faith was stirred.

For in the stillness,
In the stillness of his open heart,
The angel voice was heard.

And there were Kings in palaces, and shepherds in their field.
So far apart, yet did they all to inspiration yield.
The kings obeyed a radiant star; the shepherds’ fear was healed.

And in the stillness
In the stillness of their quiet faith
Their journey was revealed.

A crazy night in Bethlehem, their hopes appear forlorn.
Each house filled to the rafters, their pleas are met with scorn.
Yet in a crowded stable, a whole new world would dawn.

For in the stillness,
In the stillness of their humble souls
The holy child was born.

When life is overwhelming and problems fill our day
We just don’t know the answers, or what to do and say.
But if we can be silent, the Christ will show the way.

For in the stillness.
In the stillness of our prayerful thought
The Truth is known today.

It’s known to us – today.

Copyright 2013 Kate Lawson Gould / Performers Hub

Copyright 2013 Kate Lawson Gould / Performers Hub

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