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Take a Moment

Adrienne Tindall  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


“Our former soloist . . . substituted, . . . and she sang your ‘Take a Moment.’ We all loved it!” (R.D.C., Music Chair) An introspective evaluation of one’s love for and appreciation of God’s care; Christ proved it; we respond to it. Four verses.

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Take a Moment

Words and music by: Adrienne Tindall

Take a moment, a moment in time and space,
Think on God, His beauty and power and grace;
Let your heart open wide,
Find the love of God inside;
Give the God of your life a proper place.

Take a moment, a moment of stress and strain,
Think on Christ, his healing of sin and pain;
Let your heart know no fear,
Perfect Love is always here;
Let the Christ touch and heal you once again.

Take a moment, a moment when evil’s won,
Think on God, who sent us His only Son;
Let your heart open free,
Feel His love for you and me,
And let love be a song you’ve just begun.

Take each moment, each moment, don’t waste a few,
Think on God, and all that He’s done for you;
Let your heart open wide,
Find your love for God inside!
Let your love bless your world in all you do.

Words © 1989 Adrienne Tindall. All rights reserved.
Musical setting © 1994 DARCEY PRESS. All rights reserved.

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