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Teach Me to Love

John F. Wilson  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


Original music for original words using a well-loved concept. Old-fashioned language and harmonies suitable for church or weddings.

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Teach Me to Love
Words by John F. Wilson

Teach me to love as I am always loved.
Teach me to bless as I am blessed by Thee.
Teach me to share the good that ever flows
From Thy pure fount of good eternally.

Teach me to answer when my brother calls.
Teach me to heal the sick and those in pain.
Teach me to use the talents Thou hast given
To feed the hungry, and the weak sustain.

So shall I love as I am always loved.
So shall I bless as I am blessed by Thee.
For this great lesson learned I thank Thee, Father;
And having learned, I’ll follow constantly.