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The Christ Lives On

Peter Link  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


An emotional realization of the Christ presence that is available for everyone in every age and time. Appropriate for Easter and throughout the year.

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The Christ Lives On
Music and lyrics by Peter Link

If you want his body
Take it down
I can’t bear to watch
Hold his head be gentle
Don’t let what went on before

If you want his body
Take it away
Do the things you do
But close his eyes be gentle
I just can’t take anymore

I will not watch
I will not weep
But I’ll not ever let him go
For in the way he lived his life
He taught me all I know
Now the man is gone
Yet in me the Christ lives on

So if you want his body
Do what you will
Lay him in his grave
But let me wash his feet first
Then you may take him away

And through the darkness of these hours
I must not let my weakness show
For as he lived so then shall I
And that is all I know
Now the man is gone
Yet in me the Christ lives on

And in the years that lie ahead
The world will learn to love this man
The way He lived
The things He said
The way it all began
Now the body’s gone
But through it all
The Christ lives on

© Westrax Music Publishing

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