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The Dance of Prayer

Elizabeth Ragsdale  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


A joyous waltz that uses a dance metaphor to describe stages of prayer: finding stillness, loosening thought, praising God. Simple arpeggiated accompaniment with contemporary harmonies.

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The Dance of Prayer
Lyrics and music by Elizabeth Ragsdale

Verse 1
In stillness take your place.
Wait and watch to be shown
A heart at home.
Attuned to thoughts divine,
Whispering to you alone,
You hear the tones.
Anyone, anywhere,
Can do the dance of prayer.

Verse 2
Step out of stiffened grooves.
Create the space to breathe.
Stretch with ease.
Loosen tightened fears.
Release your cherished need.
You’ve got the beat.
Anyone, anywhere,
Can do the dance of prayer.

Grace found.
Spotlight brightens.

Verse 3
Uplifted you leap in praise,
A child whose found delight
In Truth and Life.
With thought now raised aloft
And vision finely aligned,
You bow to Mind.
Anyone, anywhere,
Can do the dance of prayer.

© 2015 Elizabeth Ragsdale