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The Same Day

Ross Harrington  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


Music by Ross D. Harrington. Text by Arlene Pourroy. Bible references include John 5:1-9, Gen. 1:31.

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The Same Day
Music by Ross Harrington
Lyrics by Arlene Pourroy / Bible refences: John 5:1-9, Gen 1:31

I have waited for the moving of the waters
To be healed by the medicine that is there.
I have waited for some one to move me.
A strong physician to face the frown and glare.
I have waited. I have waited.
Today, today the Christ is here to heal.
Today, today is when I heart his voice,
Rise up, rise up and walk today!
Rise up, rise up and walk the way of Christ.

And at once I rise healed and take up my bed and walk!
And the same day is the Sabbath —

The same day, the same day, and the same day is the Sabbath.
God’s healing law is here today.
O day of God, reveal the perfect man.
O light of Christ, heal me so I can see:
The sick are whole,
The leapers are pure,
The deaf can hear the voice of the dove.

Cause me to know the real creation day
Where God sees ev’rything that he has made
And behold, behold, it is very good.
And the same day is the sabbath —
The same day, the same day.

Copyright 1991 Harrington, Pourroy
Copyright 1995 Wordlight Publishing

Copyright 1995 Wordlight Publishing