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The Serpent’s Biggest Lie

Elizabeth Ragsdale  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


Lyrics based on quote from Miscellaneous Writings 1883-1886 by Mary Baker Eddy: “That man can break the forever-law of infinite Love, was, and is, the serpent’s biggest lie!”

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The Serpent’s Biggest Lie
Lyrics and music by Elizabeth Ragsdale

Verse 1
In God’s own image we are made.
Yet we hear the serpent say,
Spirit needs the help of dust
to make a man who decays.
In matter man lives and dies.
This is how the serpent lies.

Verse 2
In Love’s own image we are made.
Yet the tale is told this way,
God condemns his helpless child,
made to disobey.
With evil man can be enticed.
This is how the serpent lies.

Verse 3
In Mind’s own image we are made.
But what says the slip’ry snake?
It speaks of many errant minds,
inclined to make mistakes.
Truth is cunningly disguised.
This is how the serpent lies.

What is the serpent’s biggest lie?
The law of Love can be denied,
the forever law of Love.

Verse 4
God’s eternal law of the heart,
without a stop or start,
could never exclude one precious child
or express itself in part.
This law of Love is unconfined,
so unlike the serpent’s lies.

Verse 5
The law of Love is signed and sealed
with God’s authority.
We need not work to will this love.
It is our identity.
That the law of Love can be defied
is the serpent’s biggest lie.

© 2015 Elizabeth Ragsdale