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The Water of Meribah

Greg Granoff  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


Steve Okwor’s inspiring poem is set in music that reflects the text’s exhortation about remembering to have faith in God’s ability to meet our needs.

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The Water of Meribah
Text by Steve Okwor
Music by Greg Granoff

When the streams of life seem dry
Would you complain and cry
Or would you remember Meribah
Would you remember Meribah

Where the Lord gave them oasis
As He promised Leader Moses
Remember Meribah
Remember Meribah

When you trust the eternal God
And let His Truth be your rod
Remember Meribah
Remember Meribah

In midst of want there’s plenty
When thought opens to his bounty
Remember Meribah
Remember Meribah

The Water of Meribah Copyright 2016 by Steve Okwor

Copyright 2016 by Steve Okwor