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The White Rose

Carolyn Kardinal  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


Musically, this solo is a simple presentation of a folk-like ballad which is a metaphor for the power of Love to redeem the human self from “the thorns of hate and lust and greed”. (Some have interpreted this piece as the fall of man in the Garden of Eden and the redemption of man by the Love of Christ.) Lovely use of minor and major modes. Lyrics by Carolyn Kardinal. Copyright 2005.

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Music and Lyrics by C. Kardinal

Long ago there was a garden with a crystal stream running through.
A garden of peace and joy and love with flowers of every hue.
The colors were a mixture of gold and red and blue.
In the center of that garden, a single white rose grew.
One day a chill wind came and brought the deadly seed.
The garden was infected with hate and lust and greed;
And sorrow reached to heaven as the flowers lost their hue.
On the withered rose in the center was a teardrop of frozen dew.
For many years weeds flouished in that garden of despair,
Till one day the gloom gave way when a ray of love shown there.
Then heaven’s grateful tears softened the hardened ground
Till the flowers’ dormant seeds took root all around.
The drought of human misery was finally at an end.
Peace and hope and joy and love flowered once again
The garden now is beautiful and to this day still grows.
The thorns of hate and lust and greed were replaced by a single white rose.

Copyright 2005 C. Kardinal

Copyright 2005 C. Kardinal