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Then and Now

Adrienne Tindall  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


Strophic, a story framework, inviting us to consider the faithfulness of our devotion to Christ Jesus, and the expressing of that devotion. Major – minor – major tonality to support the text.

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Then and Now

Poem by Peggy Young Clark
Music by Adrienne Tindall

Had I lived in the town of Martha,
Little far-off Bethany,
In the days when the Master journeyed
From his native Galilee
Would my house have been one to lodge him,
While he talked and supped with me?
Would my serving have been as Martha’s,
Or as Mary’s, at his knee?

Had I been in the hall of Pilate,
Heard the jeers and mockery,
Would my way have been that of Peter,
To deny my Lord, as he?
Or if chosen with those disciples
Who were in Gethsemane,
Would I too have been wrapped in slumber,
When the Master called to me?

Now I know as I find my answers
With a new humility,
That the need is today as ever
For a true fidelity!
And I pray in the teeming moments
That my thought shall prove to be
So expressive of Christ’s dear presence,
I shall know Truth dwells with me.

Poem © 1941, Ren. 1969 The Christian Science Publishing Society. All rights
reserved. Used with permission.
Music © 1986 Adrienne Tindall. All rights reserved.