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Fresh with some jazz harmonies. Moderate difficulty. Quiet and gentle, reflective of the words. The words make a wonderful alternative to the usual seven poems. Words: Mary Baker Eddy, Poems, p. 18. Music: Jim E. Barnes and Susan I. Lindquist. © 2004 Jim E. Barnes.

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Music: Jim E. Barnes and Susan I. Lindquist
Words: Mary Baker Eddy, Poems, p. 18.

I’ve watched in the azure the eagle’s proud wing,
His soaring majestic, and feather-some fling—
Careening in liberty higher and higher
Like genius unfolding a quenchless desire.

Would a tear dim his eye, or pinion lose power
To gaze on the lark in her emerald bower?
When higher he soareth to compass his rest,
What vision so bright as the dream in his breast!

God’s eye is upon him. He penciled his path
Whose omniscient notice the frail fledgling hath.
Though lightnings be lurid and earthquakes may shock,
He rides on the whirlwind or rests on the rock.

My course, like the eagle’s, oh, still be it high,
Celestial the breezes that waft o’er its sky!
God’s eye is upon me–I am not alone
When onward and upward and heavenward borne.

Music: © 2004 Jim E. Barnes
Words by Mary Baker Eddy from the Christian Science Hymnal, used courtesy of The Mary Baker Eddy Collection