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Where I Dwell

Robert Collister  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


“Where I Dwell,” inspired by Ephesians 2: 19-22. A comforting hymn, that sings of protection and uniting with Christ in harmony.

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Where I Dwell

Words by: Joan Collister
Music by: Robert Collister

God is in His holy temple
Where I dwell beneath His wing.
I am made in His reflection
I can hear His angels sing.

If an evil thought comes to me
When I am alone at night.
I can turn my heart to heaven
Where I see God’s guiding light.

There is nothing that can harm me
For I know my God is near.
I am safe within His presence
And I know there is no fear.

Grief and sorrow cannot find me
I am hid with Christ in Soul.
There is not another power
For my God is in control.

I have made the choice to follow
In the way of God’s own son.
For I know I dwell in heaven
Where we all unite as one.

Heaven is where we unite as one.

c 2012Whispering Chimes Music