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Willing Heart and Ready Hands

Elizabeth Ragsdale  •  Digital Sheet Music (DSM)


The listener joins Bible characters (Nehemiah, Ruth, and four friends of a paralyzed man) who are able to demonstrate healing with their hearts and hands.

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Willing Heart and Ready Hands
Lyrics and music by Elizabeth Ragsdale

With walls broken down and a city in ruins,
Nehemiah cried.
With a sword and hammer and prayer,
He refused to be ensnared.
Peace restored and walls fortified
With his willing heart and ready hands,
His willing heart, ready hands.

Ruth and Naomi wept
And sojourned side by side.
Ruth gathered grain that dropped to the earth,
And Boaz saw her worth.
In the line of Jesus Christ she bore him a child
With her willing heart and ready hands,
Her willing heart, ready hands.

Four men bore their friend on a bed,
Tore up tiles, let him down through the roof.
Jesus caught their faith,
Cured the man, left the crowd amazed.
Every barrier to healing removed
By their willing hearts and ready hands,
Their willing hearts, ready hands.

Sickness or sin marches in,
And you’re tempted to retreat.
Arm yourself with selfless love.
The world needs your healing touch.
How blessed you’ll be when you bring sweet relief
With your willing heart and ready hands,
Your willing heart, ready hands.