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Where Were You

Julia Wade  •  Song


A personal testimony of awakening to spiritual oneness with God. A realization that God is with us through all time and all situations. A beautiful ballad that makes us examine our lives once again.

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Where Were You
Music and Lyrics by Peter Link

Once I walked with you
How I burned
You were always there
For me
And then I turned
So I walked alone
Through the cold
Wearied by regrets
A thousand fold

Where were you
I tried turning the time
Searching the ashes
Looking through stones
But where were you
I kept trying to find you
Tracing my footsteps
Searching through all I’d

Where were you
And where was I
I kept passing through
Searching the moonlight
Lost in the dark of night

Once I walked with you
Then I turned
I dared to go it on my
But then I learned

You were there
All along in the sunrise
There in the moonlight
There in the rain with me

Where were you?
Always there in the
There in the waters
There in the children
There in the skylark
There in the lamp light
There in the dark

Always here in my life
With me

© Westrax Music Publishing

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