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You’re Leaving Me

Jenny Burton  •  Song


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Music and Lyrics by Peter Link

You’re leaving me
Wish you could stay but maybe it’s right
You’re leaving me
Though I agree I’m still very frightened
All our dreams have turned into ashes
Turned into dust
The fires have long been gone

You’re leaving me
Maybe just one more chance
Ah but you’re leaving me
Never your need and never your glance
Will touch my heart
Leaving me breathless
Leaving me weak
With all my walls torn down

Maybe I’ll go on
Maybe I’ll get by
Maybe I’ll sing my new song
Leaving all my past behind
Yes maybe it’s all right
Maybe the right time
Maybe I’ll find my answers
When at last you’re far away

And so you’re leaving me
Wish I could be the one who was leaving
Leaving you
Wish I believed in what we are doing
Time will tell
Maybe you’ll come back
Maybe you won’t
And maybe I’ll be free
Of your leaving me

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