Solo Thoughts Errata

The following page details errors and omissions in Solo Thoughts, organized by quarter.

We continue to work to provide as much accurate information as possible to get you directly to the listed music. If you find a broken or erroneous link, misattribution, or any other incorrect information, please let us know. It's one of the ways we keep our databases current and accurate -- through the generous help of our subscribers.

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Solo Thoughts Q2 2020 Corrections

Link Correction - Page 24

Nicholas Schliapin's solo "Feed My Sheep" contained a link to a shippable hard copy, when it is in fact available as a DSM from Watchfire Music.
The link to it is

Link Correction - Page 87

Sally DeFord's solo "Safe in Thy Loving Arms" contained an incorrect link to the sheet music.
The correct link to it is

Solo Thoughts Q4 2018 Corrections

Link Correction - Page 3

Carolyn Kardinal's new solo "The Sound of Soft Stillness" contained a link to a different solo.
The correct link is

"Shippable Hard Copy" Clarification

Throughout the Solo Thoughts document you will sometimes see an email address listed in the "Shippable Hard Copy" field.  This is meant to indicate that you may write to the publisher or composer at that email address to obtain the sheet music.  In a few cases, we do list these email addresses when those copyright holders do not have a website and also do not list that particular title with Watchfire Music.

In current and future issues, the email information listed in the"Shippable Hard Copy" field will be formatted like this example: "Contact:"